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Cork flooring eco-friendly, allergy resistant

Cork flooring eco-friendly, allergy resistant

cork flooring
Cork flooring eco-friendly, allergy resistant While some people may select flooring for its aesthetic properties, industry insider Al Eris claims that the most important part of choosing the right floor is making sure one knows the nature of each room.

According to the BCLocalNews.com, homeowners may want to consider what the room is typically used for before selecting flooring. For instance, Eris told the news source that homeowners should choose an option for their kitchen that is moisture resistant, as water can damage some floors.

Eris recommends that those who are vulnerable to allergies choose cork flooring. He added that the material has risen in popularity because, while carpets can harbor irritating dust, cork is easy to clean and keep dust at bay.

Along with providing relief for allergy suffers, cork flooring also is boast numerous eco-friendly characteristics. TLC.com reports that harvesting the material has little impact on the environment since it is made from cork tree bark, and the bark is able to regenerate itself with no damage to the tree. The material also comes in a wide variety of styles so it can be easily adapted to match any design choice.