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Cork flooring can provide better insulation

Cork flooring can provide better insulation

cork flooring
Cork flooring can provide better insulation Although there has been a movement in recent years to tread lightly on the earth, The Daily Telegraph reports that a study released by the Committee on Climate Change suggests that there is still room for improvement.

One way to do that, the report suggested, is by working to install highly effective insulation, which can drastically reduce a building's carbon emissions. According to the source, one area of particular concern when it comes to insulation is the floor.

"We had the house double glazed and the loft is boarded with insulation but we are very concerned about the amount of heat loss through the floor," homeowner Dave Richardson told the news provider.

Cork flooring is a viable option that may provide substantial insulation while being an especially eco-friendly material. TLC.com says that cork flooring has an abundance of air cells, which is beneficial because the cells can trap heat. Of course, the material has other advantages to it as well. It is very resilient under pressure, which results in increased durability, so it rarely has to be repaired or replaced.ADNFCR-2999-ID-19893096-ADNFCR