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Cork flooring can be effective insulator

cork flooring
Cork flooring can be effective insulator A small monastary in Middleton, Wisconsin, is the most environmentally friendly building in the United States, according to an examination conducted by the U.S. Green Building Council. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that this is the second time in three years that a building in Wisconsin has been awarded top honor.

Thanks to it's exceptional energy-efficiency, the Holy Wisdom Monastery follows in the footsteps of the Aldo Leopold Legacy Center, which earned top honors in 2008. The monastery achieved its success due to a number of features, including a ground source heat pump, geothermal heating system and solar panels. According to the news source, these aids have helped it use less than half the energy of other similar structures.

"We don't [get] pat on the back enough for being leaders in the green building industry when we're setting records nationally with our projects," Sue Loomans, head of the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance, told the news provider.

Homeowners who are looking to make their abode more eco-friendly may want to consider installing cork flooring. According to TLC.com, the material features millions of tiny air cells that can trap heat, making it an effective insulator.