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Cork flooring a good way to go green

cork flooring
Cork flooring a good way to go green Homeowners in southern Indiana looking to go green were given the opportunity to receive some guidance from experts this weekend at the 10th annual Evanston Green Living Festival. The Daily Northwestern reports that the festival is hosted by the Evanston Environmental Association and the City of Evanston.

According to the news source, the convention featured more than 60 exhibitions and stressed the importance of eco-friendly living in a number of areas. One of the exhibitors in attendance specialized in the importance of worms as natural composters, the disadvantages of drinking bottled water and the benefit of using a plastic lunch box.

A local green homes expert was also in attendance, and advised visitors to add overhangs to upper level floors as they may results in cooler rooms, which reduces the need for air conditioning. Additionally, solar energy panels and rain barrels were also on display.

Homeowners looking to implement some environmentally-conscious elements to their house may want to consider installing cork flooring. The material is often considered one of the most sustainable flooring options, as the Cork Institute of America reports that the material is harvested from cork tree bark, which grows back 12 to 13 times throughout its life span.