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Canadian company offers unique green building option

Canadian company offers unique green building option

cork floors
Canadian company offers unique green building option A Toronto-based development company is teaming up with a Californian design firm to provide potential home buyer with an innovative way to have an eco- friendly home. The Toronto Star reports that the houses will be pre-made and shipped piece by piece to their desired location, where the home will then be assembled.

According to the news source, the buildings have high efficiently ground source heat pumps to provide low energy temperature control along with several features to keep water waste down.

"It takes about 60 days to build the modules and then a week or so to ship and then install them," Nexterra Green Homes founder Gary Lands told the news provider. "I would have loved to build them here but there really wasn't anyone set up to do it the way we wanted."

Of course, there are easier ways to incorporate green elements into one's home than having the entire house shipped to the location. Installing cork flooring can be an effective way to reduce energy waste. The Cork Institute of America says that the material is impermeable to liquids and gases, which makes it a great insulator.