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Affordable homes in Oregon built with cork flooring

cork flooring
Affordable homes in Oregon built with cork flooring A pair of families in North Portland, Oregon, is going to be the first in the area to live in affordable, eco-friendly housing. KGW.com reports that the project is the beginning of an effort to build similar houses at 17 other locations across the region.

Builders are hoping to raise the home ownership rate in the Portland area. According to the news source, Oregon placed last in home ownership growth from 1950 to 2000.

Among the environmentally-friendly features in the proposed home are energy-efficient lighting and plumping. In addition to that, the abode has high-efficiency heat pumps, a heat recovery system and fresh air ventilation.

The houses are 15-to-30 percent more efficient than the 2008 Oregon energy code stipulates, and the news outlet reports that the kitchen also implements several green design elements as well, such as bamboo cabinets and cork flooring.

According to TLC.com, the material offers homeowners a number of benefits. Cork flooring is made from millions of air cells so along with being soft underfoot, it is an excellent insulator.