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Program in Philly builds home with bamboo flooring

Program in Philly builds home with bamboo flooring

bamboo flooring
Program in Philly builds home with bamboo flooring A program in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is working toward providing affordable housing for those who have been struggling financially due to the recession. According to PlanPhilly.com, around 35 individuals are participating in the Redevelopment Authority's Neighborhood Stabilization Program.

"With the economy the way it is these days, this program works for me right now," participant Selina Kedziora told the news provider. "I really enjoy being a part of what I feel is a team."

The news source reports that the program uses federal stimulus money to match up contractors with foreclosed houses. Frequently the homes get attractive new furnishings, like a recent project completed by architect David Feldman that included motion-sensor lighting, a skylight and bamboo flooring.

Homeowners looking to add an eco-friendly element to their abode may want to consider installing bamboo flooring. According to TLC.com, proponents of green building strongly recommend bamboo because the material is harvested from a rapidly renewable source, so producing it causes little damage to the environment. Interior design experts also praise its versatility as it can be dyed to match any number of design styles.