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Minnesota Solar Tour features home with bamboo flooring

Minnesota Solar Tour features home with bamboo flooring The Minnesota Solar Tour recently kicked off, showcasing 84 homes in the twin cities that make use of solar-powered energy. The Twin Cities Daily Planet reports that the event, sponsored by the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society, featured a number of homes that can give individuals looking to go green some ideas.

One of the houses is owned by Barb Lutz, who designed the building herself. According to the news source, Lutz spends a minuscule amount on energy a month, sometimes no more than a dollar. Along with its energy-efficiency, the home boasts a bevy of eco-friendly building materials, such as recycled cupboards and doors.

In addition to solar panels and a rain collection system, the home is furnished with an in-floor heating system, and the interior is complete with sustainable bamboo flooring.

Individuals who are looking to follow Lutz's example may want to consider installing bamboo flooring in their own home. According to TLC.com, the material has design benefits to go along with its environmentally friendly aspects. The floor can be dyed a wide variety of colors offering a versatile and aesthetically pleasing addition to a room.