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In a world full of choice, think bamboo flooring

In a world full of choice, think bamboo flooring

bamboo flooring
In a world full of choice, think bamboo flooring While in years past there may have been a limited selection of floor coverings for those looking to remodel a room, there are now many more options. With such a wide variety in choices, the Sacramento Bee reports that many people are even forgoing carpeting in favor of others flooring, citing a survey by National Floor Trends that revealed that carpet has gone from covering 52.5 percent of homes, to 37 percent.

"We now have many more choices in colors and species," industry insider Ramona Williams told the news source "The finishes have come such a long way, too - the new water-based finishes are so safe and easy to work with, and they just keep getting better."

The news provider reports that sustainable materials, like bamboo flooring, are becoming increasingly popular choices. Bamboo is extremely environmentally friendly - it grows very fast as it takes just three years to reach harvest size.

Along with being a sustainable material, TLC.com recommends using bamboo flooring because it can be dyed into many different colors to match any decorating style.ADNFCR-2999-ID-19918641-ADNFCR