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Forest home features art studio with bamboo flooring

Forest home features art studio with bamboo flooring Raleigh Schein and her husband, John Hamm, recently moved from coastal Maryland to a secluded abode deep within the woods, and according to The Capital, Schein has incorporated their location into her art.

While the location of the abode is certainly impressive, the interior of the building is appealing as well. The news source reports that the home is highlighted by its studio and gallery, which is flooded with plenty of natural light and furnished with bamboo flooring. The light allows for a soothing aesthetic, and provides Schein with a way to feel more immersed in her surroundings.

"There are 90 acres of protected wetlands back there," she told the news provider. "I live in a forest now. Fawns and bunnies go by, goldfinches drop by the feeder outside one window. It's a very serene place to paint."

Schein also highlighted the sustainability of the home, citing the inclusion of bamboo flooring and energy-saving lighting. According to TLC.com, bamboo is among the most eco-friendly building materials available as it is manufactured from a rapidly renewable, fast-growing grass.