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Eco-friendly flooring may help homes' sell

eco friendly flooring
Eco-friendly flooring may help homes' sell As homeowners put their houses on the market, most of them are undoubtedly trying to make the property as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Even those who aren't interested in selling their homes now should consider that they will most likely be selling their property eventually.

When updating one's home, it's important to consider what will entice prospective buyers. According to RenewableEnergyWorld.com, eco-friendly abodes are more likely to stand out to possible buyers who are interested in green living.

Individuals who wish to install hard flooring may want to choose an eco-friendly option, like bamboo flooring or cork flooring. Bamboo flooring closely resembles hardwood, yet is made from a fast-growing, renewable resource. The flooring can be stained to match any decor.

Cork flooring is another great option for those looking to create a greener living space. Experts praise the sustainable material as an excellent floor covering. "[Cork flooring] is a great noise reducer, but it's really soft too...it's a really durable and easy material," environmental lifestyle expert Danny Seo told CBS News.ADNFCR-2999-ID-19828676-ADNFCR