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Detoxify homes with bamboo flooring

Detoxify homes with bamboo flooring

Detoxify homes with bamboo flooring Although many individuals know the importance of detoxing their body, Dr Frank Lipman wrote in the Huffington Post that many of those same people may not be aware of the amount of harmful toxins that pollute the home.

The news source reports that one's house could be home to as many as 1,000 different toxins that frequently go unnoticed, and can sometimes be in such high concentrations that it makes the indoor air two to five times more polluted than the air outside.

While there may be a number of harmful materials inside the average home, Lipman recommends several ways for homeowners to improve their indoor air quality. One easy way to achieve a more healthy home is to ensure that there are floor mats at every entrance way to remove any dirt or pesticides that can get tracked inside. Carpeting may also harbor dangerous chemicals so homeowners might want to consider replacing carpets with another option like bamboo flooring.

According to TLC.com, along with improving the air quality of a room, bamboo flooring offers a beautiful aesthetic and can be dyed to match any number of decorating styles.