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Bamboo flooring key to eco-friendly interior design

Bamboo flooring key to eco-friendly interior design

bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring key to eco-friendly interior design Going green has become one of the most popular trends over the last decade, and many people are going to extreme lengths to be as eco-friendly as possible. According to the Creston News Advertiser, the desire to tread lightly on the earth has also extended into the home and there are a number of ways to incorporate this desire in interior design.

The news source reports that one of the biggest steps to take if one is considering going green in their home, is figuring out what fits best into one's own lifestyle.

"Find an improvement that makes sense for your bottom line and then look for green options in that area of improvement," interior design expert Mark Lewison told the news source.

One of the easiest steps to take, experts say, is implementing energy efficient practices, such as turning down the lights. Installing light dimmers can be a cost-effective way to save money on one's energy bill.

Additionally, using sustainable materials in design can help. Bamboo flooring is one such option that can add an aesthetic appeal in any room as well. The material is harvested from bamboo, which is quickly growing so it's effect on the environment is minimal.ADNFCR-2999-ID-19917304-ADNFCR