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Flooring News
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Hardwood Flooring News

Condos in D.C. area feature hardwood flooring
Connecticut home features a variety of hardwood flooring
Homeowner moves house, installs hardwood flooring
Whisky barrels make up new hardwood flooring
Oak floors are features in converted lighthouse property
Beach home boasts beautiful pine floors
Home for sale boasts two types of wood flooring
Ohio post office refinishes hardwood floors during renovation
Celebrity homes feature hardwood flooring
How to choose the right hardwood flooring for you
Wood flooring is an attractive feature in new homes
Spears' sisters homes features hardwood flooring
Renovating one's home can be cost-efficient
Updating kitchen may boost home's resale value
Converting an attic to a bedroom is easier with the right flooring
Customized homes are a hard sell
Taking care of flooring may help boost home's resale value
Achieve classic elegance with hardwood flooring
Concerned homeowners should turn to experts for their hardwood flooring needs
Interior designer from Philadelphia creates award-winning kitchen
Hardwood flooring ideal for contemporary kitchens
Hardwood flooring could ease the symptoms of allergy sufferers
Families can enjoy hardwood floors for years to come
Hardwood flooring could tip a buyer in the right direction
Use hardwood flooring to jump on a growing trend
Hardwood flooring reduces allergies, raises selling price
Hardwood flooring can become more beautiful over time
Maryland homes feature luxurious kitchens with hardwood flooring
Former New Orleans plantation now a culinary school
Connecticut coast home to lavish estates
Termites can be a threat to hardwood flooring
Subfloors are important to install beneath many types of flooring
Heating system can be installed under variety of hard flooring
Obama's former apartment features hardwood flooring
National Hardwood Lumber Association names its keynote speaker
Couple's sustainable home features hardwood flooring
Catering company installs high rise hardwood
Texas yoga studio boasts bamboo flooring
Hardwood flooring can keep bedroom dust free
Four-bedroom home updated with hardwood flooring
Hardwood flooring can anchor earthy decor
Formal decor can be complemented by hardwood flooring
Virginia development to include hardwood flooring
103-year-old home includes oak hardwood flooring
Hardwood flooring can update a bedroom
Sixty-year-old San Francisco home features hardwood flooring
Hardwood flooring adds elegance to Toronto home
Hardwood flooring highlights four-bedroom home
Vermont home being renovated with hardwood flooring
Proposed houses in Illinois to include hardwood flooring
Remove carpeting in favor of hardwood flooring for a quick update
Suburban Canadian home furnished with hardwood flooring
Hardwood flooring can be cornerstone of decor
Condos in D.C. area feature hardwood flooring
Hardwood flooring present throughout 82-year-old home
Massachusetts home boasts marble fireplace, hardwood flooring
Think kitchen renovation, hardwood flooring when selling home
Toronto cottage contains hardwood flooring in living room
San Rafael home features deck, hardwood flooring
Pittsburgh home features hardwood flooring in bathroom
Five-bedroom home features hardwood flooring throughout
House in Maryland includes beautiful views, hardwood flooring
Otis Spunkmeyer founder's mansion replete with hardwood flooring
Hardwood flooring increases three-bedroom home's appeal
Oakland home maintains antique charm with hardwood flooring
Hardwood flooring present throughout four bedroom colonial
Couple completes kitchen renovation with hardwood flooring
San Francisco home exudes Mediterranean charm
Despite renovations, Indiana home retains antique charm
Massachusetts home contains recessed lighting, hardwood flooring
Recently renovated California home features hardwood flooring
Massachusetts manor replete with hardwood flooring
Yoga mats being replaced by hardwood flooring
Maryland home exudes calming atmosphere with hardwood flooring
Former residence of UConn president features refinished hardwood flooring
Laminate Flooring News

Habitat for Humanity homes include laminate flooring
Maine homeowners may want to install laminate flooring
Irish home features laminate flooring in master bedroom
Long-time snack bar reopens with laminate flooring
North Carolina home features living room with laminate flooring
Senior center installs walker-friendly laminate flooring
Complete kitchen renovation with laminate flooring
Laminate flooring in affordable Utah apartments
Small bakery expands to building with laminate flooring
Retirement community to include homes with laminate flooring
Seaside home features laminate flooring in the kitchen
Texas home offers lake access, laminate flooring
Laguna Beach condo features new kitchen, laminate flooring
Laminate flooring featured in Victorian style home
Spacious New Jersey home contains laminate flooring
Laminate flooring one of last steps in community building project
Museum uses laminate flooring to create th century atmosphere
Laminate flooring makes Canadian home a quick sell
Building in Toronto features landscaped courtyard, laminate flooring
Motel in Texas updates look with laminate flooring
Owners of 123-year-old home should install laminate flooring
Laminate flooring a good choice for RVs, homes alike
New development in British Columbia uses laminate flooring
Auction features house with laminate flooring
Planned condos to include laminate flooring
Laminate flooring a good choice for remodeling kitchen
Think about laminate flooring when selling house
Community theater changes location, adds laminate flooring
Canadian condos feature impressive kitchens, laminate flooring
English island home features laminate flooring
UK home features hardwood and laminate flooring
Couple get surprise renovation with laminate flooring

Cork Flooring News

Miniature home boasts cork flooring
Cork flooring a step toward LEED certification
Cork flooring becoming a popular choice in home design
Washington condo unit complete with cork flooring
Cork flooring may be a good idea for children's study room
University of Wyoming students show off green building on campus
New Canadian resort feature cork flooring
Green designers tour environmentally friendly office building
Mobile showroom stresses importance of green living
Expo in North Carolina stress the importance of green homes, cork flooring
Tennessee hospital going green with cork flooring
Energy-efficient home furnished with cork flooring
Take a step toward eco-friendly living with cork flooring
Generation Y leaning toward eco-friendly homes
Canadian eco-friendly school uses cork flooring
126-year-old home features kitchen with cork flooring
Cork flooring one of New England home's many features
Cork flooring may help reduce interior noise
Cork flooring eco-friendly, allergy resistant
Renovated college facility will include cork flooring
Cork flooring appeals to musicians
Eco-friendly building with unusual roof has cork flooring
Canadian company offers unique green building option
Illinois student wins green design challenge with cork flooring
Famous soap opera writer's home features cork flooring
Cork flooring can provide better insulation
Seattle pre-school plans to use cork flooring
Cork flooring a versatile, sustainable option
Connecticut architect turns farmhouse into epitome of energy efficiency
School for the deaf utilizes cork flooring
Edmonton homeowner discovers appeal of cork flooring
Cork flooring can be effective insulator
Luxurious Calgary home features cork flooring in fitness room
Artist finds studio with cork flooring laden family room
Planned Chicago home hopes to be LEED certified
Affordable homes in Oregon built with cork flooring
Cork flooring a good way to go green
Self guided home tour features house with cork flooring
Bamboo Flooring News

Eco-friendly flooring may help homes' sell
Green technology may save home buyers money
Oregon School for the Deaf gets new green dorm
Development in Dayton uses bamboo flooring to lure buyers
Colorado housing community includes bamboo flooring
Eco-friendly home features durable bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring used in San Diego restaurant renovation
Lavish apartments furnished with bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring is key in eco-friendly model home
Program in Philly builds home with bamboo flooring
Detoxify homes with bamboo flooring
Illinois couple includes natural elements, bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring a popular way to add organic element
Keep dust out with bamboo flooring
Make the most of a room with bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring a versatile green design option
In a world full of choice, think bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring key to eco-friendly interior design
Furnish eco-friendly kitchen with bamboo flooring
Eco-friendly home features durable bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring featured in Maryland colonial
Jamaican villa includes both hardwood and bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring featured in design awards contestant
Think bamboo flooring when remodeling kitchen
Colorado home honored for its green design
California man wins contest for use of bamboo flooring
Michigan home adds bamboo flooring to extensive renovation
Imitate hotel's renovations with bamboo flooring
Cape Cod getaway given makeover with bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring offers stylish, environmentally friendly option
Boston area home employs variety of flooring materials
New company provides small, eco-friendly buildings with cork and bamboo flooring
Home tour includes eco-friendly building with bamboo flooring
Duluth home featured in tour complete with bamboo flooring
Arizona home refurbished with bamboo flooring
Forest home features art studio with bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring featured in eco-friendly Chicago
New apartment complex features units with bamboo flooring
New York couple creates eco-friendly dream home with bamboo flooring
Middle school uses bamboo flooring to get LEED certification
Minnesota Solar Tour features home with bamboo flooring
Hotel in Wine Country goes green with bamboo flooring

Vinyl Flooring News

Vinyl flooring a good choice for home buyers
Vinyl flooring can be a versatile design option
Residential building market may be bouncing back

Misc Flooring News

Flooring can transform your kitchen